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One practice.
One intention.

I’ve practiced and studied yoga, meditation and Ayurveda for the last 15 years.

After 1000 hrs. of teacher training and alternative healing practices, I have been certified as an Advanced Yoga Teacher and Integrative Ayurvedic Practitioner.

My passion for understanding myself and the universe around me has led me to travel around the world looking for the oldest and truest teachings.

My philosophy and teachings are based in the Darshan method created by Jim Kulackoski, whose method and philosophy have helped me heal deep rooted patterns expressed physically, physiologically and emotionally.

I’m a passionate pursuer of my dreams and believer of our ability to create our own reality.


Practice a new way of connecting yourself through healing all kind of relationships.

Seasonal Cleanse available Bi-Yearly

Spring Cleanse coming soon

Rejuvenate and cleanse your body through new ways of communication based on a millennial philosophy.

In person or online consultations
90 minutes
60 minutes


Get to know amazing locations in Mexico that will let you transition into a lifestyle that brings you closer to nature.

Disconnect and reconnect yourself throug an immersive experience that will bring you closer to nature.

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Develop a daily meditation practice and achieve deeper states of focus, integration and presence.

In person or online clases
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+1 312 622 20 97 / 228194 66 19
Rancho Viejo, Veracuz

The Holly is a tree considered by the Druids a sacred plant that blooms in the spring. It symbolizes fertility and eternal life.

The meaning of Guru is a spiritual teacher or guide.

This Holly Guru is connecting to nature as a path to connecting to yourself.